IBEW 103 Blood Drive and Wellness Event

On April 11th, Local 103 is hosting their annual Blood Drive and Wellness Event.  All are welcome to attend, including friends and family members, and all services are FREE!  For more information on the event click here.  Over the past several years, Local 103 has expanded this blood drive to include more and more vendors and services which has helped it evolve into a life-changing event for so many.  Please feel free to contact Melissa in our Health and Welfare Fund office with any questions.

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Department Of Public Safety Changes


Effective March 27, 2017, programs previously under the purview of the Department of Public Safety have been transferred to the Department of Fire Services and the Office of Public Safety and Inspections within the Division of Professional Licensure.  As a result of this legislative change, the respective agencies are in the process of transitioning information over to their new website locations.

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The Local’s Training Trust is pleased to announce open enrollment for HVAC I, and Basic Electricity two of our 4 part state accredited curriculum for HVAC/R. The course has begun, but it is not too late to enroll.

If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out the application below and return to the Local 877 Office, no later than Friday March 31, 2017.

Training Application

If you have questions regarding the course, please reach out to John Kilduff at the Local 877 Office, or email:


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Local 877 opposes proposed Reorganization of the Department of Public Safety

The Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker has introduced legislation to re-organize the Department of Public Safety (DPS). This legislation will split up the DPS, moving crucial licensing and oversight bodies within the Department to other existing State Agencies. The Board of Boiler Rules and the State Steam Engineering Inspectors shall move under the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshal. The Bureau of Pipefitters, Refrigeration Technicians, and Sprinklerfitters would come under the purview of the Division of Professional Licensure. We believe these changes would be harmful to the inspectional and regulatory duties currently carried out by employees of the DPS and overseen by its Boards. This poses a potential danger to operators and the general public.

Furthermore the introduced legislation would allow for changes to be made more freely to the licensing portions of the law going forward, as limits would be placed on public comment and involvement. Less oversight would result in decreased competency among operators coming into our fields, which is a risk to public safety. Opening the door to changes in the licensing laid out in the statute could also diminish wages we have fought for at the bargaining table.

The Chapter 146 Association has drafted a letter on this subject that explains in more depth the detrimental elements of the proposed legislation. They are also petitioning the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight to vote NO on recommending the bill. A copy of their letter and petition can be found below.



We urge you to read their letter, and to join the Petition against the bill.

A public hearing on the legislation is being held on 02-22-2017 at 11:00AM at the Massachusetts State House, Room B1. We invite you to join us and make your voice heard on this issue.

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IUOE Local 877 endorses Maine AFL-CIO’s Yes on 4 Campaign

Wages in this country and in our state have been stagnant for years. As the cost of living rises, workers are falling further behind every day. As unions, our power at the bargaining table is diminished as fewer workers across the economy have decent wages or benefits.

We need to take action to raise wages. With this in mind, the Maine AFL-CIO has embarked on a campaign to raise Maine’s minimum wage. Currently $7.50 an hour, these low wages are dragging all wages down.  Workers who earn minimum wage only take home $12,300 a year for full time work. This is just wrong.

In partnership with the Maine People’s Alliance and the Maine Small Business Coalition, the Maine AFL-CIO collected over 90,000 signatures to put a people’s initiative referendum on the 2016 ballot to raise the minimum wage.

This November, Maine voters will have the opportunity to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour in 2017, and then by a dollar a year until it reaches $12 an hour in 2020. The minimum wage will then be adjusted annually with the cost of living.  Our initiative also gradually eliminates the subminimum wage for tipped workers, so there will be one fair wage for all Maine workers by 2024.  Learn more about the campaign at www.fairwagemaine.com.

This referendum, if passed, will raise wages for nearly 1/3 of Maine workers, the approximately 159,000 workers who currently earn less than $12 an hour.  It will put more money in the pockets of people who will spend it locally. It will strengthen our economy.

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